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Professional Hydro-Jetting Cleans Your Plumbing

A clogged drain or sewer system backup can lead to serious plumbing complications if not handled with the proper care. Blockages within your plumbing system may cause more than clogged drains. They may also lead to contaminated water supplies and extensive water damages in the long run. However, the experienced plumbers at Chatta-Rooter Plumbing are skilled at providing hydro-jetting services for Chattanooga-area homes and businesses to comprehensively clean your pipes and prevent blockages. Hydro-jetting typically yields more effective results than the more traditional snaking methods used by plumbers in the past.

hydro-jetting sewer

Remove Layers of Built-Up Grease and Debris

Using a highly pressurized water flow through a special hose and nozzle, hydro-jetting is a process that removes built-up grease, debris, oils, scaled mineral deposits and more from the inside of your pipes. The amount of pressure applied to the water flow will vary depending upon your pipes’ overall condition. Hydro-jetting is a safe procedure in the hands of an experienced professional with the proper diagnostic tools for dealing with blockages. Whether you have a long-standing issue or an unexpected drain clog, our hydro-jetting services include:

  • Septic systems
  • Sewer lines
  • Grease traps
  • Hydroexcavation
  • Video inspection and location
father washing food at sink with son

Protecting Your Plumbing in the Future

As a result of our hydro-jetting services in the Chattanooga area, you should notice that your plumbing system is as good as new again. We would be more than happy to provide you with helpful preventative maintenance tips to help you further protect your plumbing. For instance, we recommend that you limit the amount of oils, fats and grease that you put down your drain or garbage disposal. You should also consider adding a drain strainer that can help keep potential clogs from going down your drains.

Readily Available Hydro-Jetting Services

You should be aware that no matter how many preventative actions you take, buildups in your plumbing system are inevitable. You may ultimately require our hydro-jetting services again sometime in the future. In fact, many customers have us come in and provide regularly scheduled hydro-jetting services. Please contact us to request further information or to schedule an appointment for our hydro-jetting services. We look forward to assisting you with your plumbing system!

Flat Rate, Upfront Pricing Available