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Plumbing Inspections Made Easy in Chattanooga

Your plumbing is a complex system that’s made up of many interdependent parts that can on occasion break down. That’s why it requires routine maintenance to ensure everything’s functioning properly. The residential plumbing specialists at Chatta-Rooter Plumbing provide plumbing repairs, upgrades, installations, diagnostics and inspections for Chattanooga-area homeowners just like you.

Whether we’re installing a brand-new system or fixing your existing system, you can count on us to arrive on time and to do our best to minimize disruptions to your daily routine. From your pipes and fixtures to your drains and toilets, we’d be more than happy to inspect your plumbing and make expert recommendations for upgrades or repairs that may save you from costlier, more inconvenient breakdowns in the not-too-distant future.


Signs That You Have an Undetected Plumbing Leak

Plumbing installations and repairs are among our specialties. When one component of your plumbing system is damaged, it can affect your entire system if left ignored or undetected for too long. Using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment including cameras that can inspect your pipes from the inside, Chatta-Rooter Plumbing can help you pinpoint leaks and other plumbing system issues requiring emergency repair from the inside-out. Signs that you may have an undetected leak in your plumbing system include:

  • Increasing water bills or water consumption
  • Damp, musty odors coming from your pipes
  • Groaning or squealing faucets or water taps
  • Rusty pipe joints
  • Dripping noises without a visible water leak
septic tank truck

Frozen Pipe Prevention for Chattanooga Homes

While it’s true that Southeastern winters may bring warm holiday memories and sweet treats for many, they’re also likely to bring extreme cold and ice that may leave your pipes frozen or leaky if you’re not too careful. Because of the extreme pressure that builds up inside them, frozen pipes can burst and turn into a potential disaster for many homeowners. All it takes is one burst or leaky pipe to cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damages to your home. However, Chatta-Rooter Plumbing can help you properly prepare for winter and prevent frozen pipes from plaguing your Chattanooga home.

Tips for Preventing Frozen Pipes in Your Home

Effectively preparing your home for winter is your best defense against frozen pipes. Here are some tips to help ensure that your home and plumbing system are ready for winter:

  • Replace any drafty windows or doors in your home
  • Properly weather-strip your basement doors, windows and crawlspaces
  • Ensure your attic has been properly sealed and insulated
  • Storm windows or protective plastic coverings may also keep cold air out
  • Insulate any external or exposed pipes
  • Allow warm air to circulate around your pipes (you may consider a small fan near them)
  • Keep a faucet dripping to keep water moving through your pipes
  • Be sure to drain and disconnect all outdoor hoses, water spigots and sprinkler systems

What to Do If Your Pipes Have Already Frozen

If you suspect that your pipes have frozen, you should immediately shut off your main water valve and open a faucet to filter through any melted water. While you could call in a plumber to help you thaw out your frozen pipes, it’s not always necessary. Heat and patience are usually all that are required to thaw frozen pipes. You may wrap your pipes with warm towels or electric pipe warmers or use a hair dryer to warm your pipes externally. However, you should never use anything with an open flame to thaw out your pipes, as this could cause a fire.

Once they’ve been thawed, it may be a good idea to call Chatta-Rooter Plumbing for a plumbing inspection to ensure further damages won’t occur. Should you ever have any questions or concerns about frozen or leaky pipes or should you need to schedule an appointment for a plumbing inspection, please contact us and we’d be more than happy to come out and take a look for you!

plumber adjusting water heater

Common Types of Water Heaters

As their name implies, water heaters are used to ensure that your home has access to hot water year-round. There are three main types of water heaters (conventional, tankless and hybrid) and Chatta-Rooter Plumbing is experienced with all three to bring you efficient water heater installation, repair and replacement services in the Chattanooga area.

Conventional water heaters store water in a large tank that’s heated by electric or gas energy, while a tankless model only heats water as needed because it doesn’t store it inside a tank. A hybrid water heater stores water inside a tank but uses a heat pump to help reduce water heating costs. More homeowners are turning to hybrid models today than ever before. In fact, new federal mandates ensure that newer water heaters are more energy-efficient to provide homeowners with improved overall efficiency and lower water heating bills over time.

Common Reasons Why Water Heaters Need Repair

Most water heaters have an average lifespan of about 11-20 years. You can prolong your water heater’s life with proper preventative maintenance. However, because your water heater is used to heat your water every day, it stands to reason that it will eventually require servicing or replacing at some point. Whether your issue’s minor or major, you can trust our water heater experts for all your service needs. Some of the most common reasons we’re called in to service water heaters include:

  • It’s sprung a leak
  • It’s only producing lukewarm water
  • It’s taking too long to heat water
  • It’s making unusual noises
  • It’s an outdated model

To Repair or Replace? That Is the Question

If you’re experiencing issues with your water heater, you may be wondering whether you need a repair or a replacement. You can rest assured that Chatta-Rooter Plumbing has many years of water heater expertise to help you distinguish between the two. If you do need a replacement, we’d be glad to help you find the best one for your needs. In addition to water heaters, we’re also capable of installing, repairing and replacing grinder pumps, sewage ejector pumps and sump pumps for homeowners in the Chattanooga area. If you’re unsure about whether or not you need a water heater repair or replacement, please contact us today to request an estimate for a water heater inspection.

Rely on Us for Routine Plumbing Maintenance

When it comes to fast, efficient plumbing inspections in the Chattanooga area, Chatta-Rooter Plumbing has a corner on the market. Because we’re familiar with most major brands of residential plumbing fixtures and equipment, we’re capable of backing all of those plumbing inspections with our professional installations, repairs, upgrades and replacements. Our state-of-the-art camera equipment takes all the guesswork out of plumbing inspections so that we’re able to provide an inside view and better advice. To schedule a residential plumbing inspection or to request more information about the many benefits of including one as part of your ongoing preventative maintenance plan, please contact us today!

Flat Rate, Upfront Pricing Available