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Sewer System Backup Experts in Chattanooga, TN

Chatta-Rooter Plumbing specializes in septic system installations and repairs, including those necessary for septic and sewer system backups, for Chattanooga homeowners. There are many objects that can wreak havoc upon your plumbing and sewer systems, including tree roots and other debris. But you can rest assured that our plumbers who are available 24/7 have many years of experience to repair all kinds of sewer and septic system backups before they get too far out of control.

All septic and sewer system backups should be immediately addressed by an experienced professional, so they don’t create system-wide problems in and around your home later. If left unattended, septic system backups tend to lead to bigger environmental impacts, including water and soil contamination that may lead to serious health issues such as dysentery or hepatitis.


Warning Signs of a Sewer or Septic System Backup

As with any kind of plumbing issue, there are usually some telltale signs that you can look out for when it comes to spotting an impending sewer or septic system backup, including:

  • Unpleasant sewage odors erupting from your drains or toilets
  • Unusual gurgling sounds coming from your drains or toilets
  • Standing water around your basement floor drains
  • Noticeable water backups from your toilets, showers or sink drains
  • Drain backups involving your toilets
  • Slow-flushing or draining toilets
  • Patches of green grass directly over your septic system
  • Bacteria in or around your septic system or drinking water well
  • Algae or weeds growing in nearby ponds to your home
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We Also Service Sump Pumps for Your Peace of Mind

In addition to sewer and septic system backups, Chatta-Rooter Plumbing is also experienced with servicing sump pumps. Your sump pump is constantly working hard to prevent flooding on your property. Common sump pump issues that we address include clogged pumps/parts, improper sump pump installations, stuck switches and continuously running or overfilling sump pumps. If left ignored, a sump pump failure may lead to extensive water damages and a host of other issues. We provide sump pump repairs, installations, battery replacements and battery backup services for all your needs.

Request a Sewer or Septic System Backup Estimate

You can entrust all of your sump pump issues and sewer and septic system backup issues to Chatta-Rooter Plumbing. Please call us today to request a free estimate or to schedule an appointment for service!

Flat Rate, Upfront Pricing Available